Testimonial from Jo

Absolutely the best syrup. Hands down.

Review from Austin, 2 year old from Texas

Attached is a picture of my 2 year old grandson, Austin. He lives in Texas and I sent them some Morley’s Maple syrup.
He does not want to waste any after eating his pancakes.

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Thank you from Fred & MJ Vine

Morley Family, You recently filled our order of Maple Syrup and sent it to our friends as an appreciation gift. The following is their response from an email:

“I cannot think of anything more lavish than a GALLON of pure maple syrup! (Or heavier to ship) What a very over the top appreciated gift from you guys.
Please be sure to send your grandsons back next year for Visit … We’ll be just about out of the syrup by then! Hahahaha. Thank you again so much and you shouldn’t have ….. But SO glad you did!

Count it all joy!

Fred & MJ Vine

Post by Russ Hanson

Thursday, Feb 26th 7 pm Luck WI Museum–Maple Syruping program.

Norman Anderson will reminisce about 85 years of the Anderson Family making maple syrup in the Luck-Cumberland area.

Steve Anderson will tell us what is new in the syruping world.

We will also have a beginners backyard syruping how-to session.

Free — Sweet Door Prizes

Luck School Students Maple Syrup Project Sponsored by: Morley’s Maple Syrup

Luck School students tapping trees on Park Avenue in Luck, WI March 18th, 2014.

Students helped tap 30 trees and will collect sap, so it can be transported to Morley’s Maple Syrup. Luck students will follow the process of making maple syrup and funds will be used for school needs.

Luck School project sponsored by: Morley’s Maple Syrup.

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Love the NEW website!!!

Love the NEW website!!!
did LOLA get a hair cut?
looks like She loves the syrup.
so do We!!!
take care, Lori & Ron.

Morley's Maple Syrup - Making Sugar and Snow

Morley’s Maple Syrup – Sugar and Snow

Sugar and Snow also known as Maple Snow Taffy & Sugar on Snow

1 cup Morley’s Maple Syrup
1/4 cup salted butter
Clean snow (or, need be, ice cream)
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