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Pure Maple Syrup in Wisconsin & Minnesota

Morley’s Maple Syrup is located just 2 miles east of the Village of Luck, Wisconsin. John and Crystal Morley tapped their first trees on their home site. They started with just 350 taps collected in pails just as it was done 100 years ago. As their numbers of taps grew so did their family. They now have 4 special helpers, Samuel, Tanner, Lola and Syvlia. With the help of many family members and friends they now have over 8,000 taps.

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We collect most of their sap through plastic tubing criss-crossing the hills into a tank, where it is collected daily and taken to Morley’s sugar bush where we cook off the excess water in a stainless steal evaporator that is fueled by dry split wood. To make the sap into pure maple syrup nothing is added only water is evaporated from it. When the syrup is at just the right density, the syrup is drawn off from the evaporator, filtered and poured into a bottling tank where it is heated to 190 degrees F and put into containers.

Pure Maple Syrup is used as a natural, healthy sweeter in coffee, tea, over ice cream, fresh fruit, and in cooking such as; baked beans, barbecuing, squash and carrots. Traditional uses would be on pancakes, waffles, and sausage.


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